About Us

Petroscope is a Global Oil & Gas Consultancy comprising some of the finest experts in the industry.  Through its proprietary global knowledge base of petroleum exploration and development projects, our staff endeavors to provide optimal solutions and business outcomes for clients.

Our subject matter experts are focused on delivering a comprehensive and holistic assessment of contextual data to enable our clients to minimize risk and to maximize their return on investment and to make safe and environmentally responsible business decisions.

One way to achieve this is through the assessment of fit for purpose technologies and using a probabilistic method of evaluating reserves for prospects/fields in order to identify the risks and range of possible outcomes and enterprise solutions.

Petroscope are able to draw on the most competent experts in the industry including, leadership development, project management, surface facilities engineering, reservoir engineering and characterization, geomechanics, petrophysics including dipmeter and image log interpretation through to integrated geomodelling using the latest computer programs and methodologies.

Working in conjunction with our clients, Petroscope will define the project scope and deliverables based on your requirements, which may range from technical advice/opinion/mentoring to a detailed Full Field Development Plan and/or assessment.